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Recurring Payments: If you opt to automatically renew your monthly subscription, you may occasionally receive an email from us asking you to click on a verification link to confirm your payment. This is the only email that we send asking you to click on a link. The email will include the name that you used to register on the site, and the name of the subscription type that you subscribed to.

Email Safety: For your security, we advise that, if you receive any emails that appear to be from us, but do not mention your name and subscription type, do not click on any links in the email. Instead, report the email to us first at so that we may verify if it is genuine. This website will occasionally send you automated emails regarding your account, but these will all include your name and subscription type in the email text.

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By registering on this website, you hereby declare that: to your knowledge, all of the information you will provide is truthful and correct; you are authorised to provide the aforementioned information; you are fit to part-take in martial arts training and events; you understand that there may be some significant risks to your health and safety in practicing martial arts; you acknowledge that you must always be responsible for safeguarding your own wellbeing and will therefore never attempt any practices or techniques that you do not fully understand; you confirm your acceptance of the rule that you must always tell your instructor of any illness, injury, or other conditions that may affect the training or well being of yourself or any other person; you agree to comply with all of the Rules and Regulations of Warrior Martial Arts if you are accepted as a member and, as a condition of acceptance, you agree to not hold Warrior Martial Arts or any of its instructors or students liable for any injury that you may sustain whilst engaged in martial arts training or events.

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